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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with so many benefits it’s easy to see why!


Here at Visage Skincare & Permanent Makeup we are permanent makeup experts, and have spent years perfecting our craft, and our client transformations and reviews speak for themselves.


Why choose us for your permanent makeup treatment:


  • We take the time to get the shape and colour of your permanent makeup treatment right

  • We constantly communicate with clients to ensure they are happy before the treatment takes places

  • We continually educate ourselves; with yearly training and membership to industry bodies we keep on top of new trends, techniques and procedures so our clients can be confident we’re at the top of our game

  • We strive for the natural look, so you can be sure your permanent makeup will simply enhance your natural beauty without looking too obvious



Powder Brows - 3 hours


Powder Brows are taking the beauty world by storm, and are one of the most popular permanent makeup treatments available.


Often called Ombre Brows, the Powder Brows treatment uses a shading technique to give a powder or makeup effect.


Using dots and shading to fill and define the brows, this treatment makes your brows look more symmetrical, thicker and fuller, as if wearing makeup.


The treatment includes a consultation followed by brow design and brow measurements, where we choose your desired look.


Then we apply a numbing agent so the procedure is as painless as possible, before getting to work creating your brand new Powder Brows.


This treatment is ideal for those with no brows, thin brows or fair brows, along with clients who lead busy, active lifestyles and don’t want to spend time getting their brows perfect every morning.


Imagine waking up with gorgeous brows every day and not worrying about your brows smudging during a workout or humid weather.


Two sessions are required for this treatment - the initial session followed by a top-up session once the first application is fully healed.


Healing time takes up to 28 days, and you can expect your brows to be scabbing up to the 14 day mark. Our expert Powder Brow technician will advise on suitable aftercare for your new brows during your treatment, and you can be assured that we use the very best equipment and products to give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of!



Eyeliner - 3 hours


Wake up looking fabulous with our permanent eyeliner treatment!

Whether you have sensitive skin, your struggle to apply eyeliner evenly or you simply wish to save some time on your morning routine, permanent eyeliner is ideal for you.


This painless procedure is carried out by a handheld machine and will ensure your eyes look beautifully enhanced.

First we start with a consultation to discuss the kind of look you’d like to achieve, before moving on to the liner design. This ensures we get the shape and style right before we begin the procedure, so you can be confident the finished eyeliner will be exactly to your taste.


Then we numb the skin to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible, before we make a start with the handheld machine.


Two sessions are required, with the second session taking place after the first application has fully healed.


Say goodbye to smudged and uneven eyeliner, and book in for your permanent eyeliner treatment today.


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