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Beautiful eyebrows have the power to transform your face! Lifting and framing your eyes, along with making y

look younger; taking care of your eyebrows is a must!


We offer a range of different eyebrow treatments here at our friendly and welcoming beauty salon in Trim, depending on our client’s requirements.


With more than 5 years experience, we are eyebrow experts, and have many happy clients and 5-star reviews to back this up!


Eyebrow Trim - 15 minutes


If your eyebrows are looking a little unruly or just need a quick tidy up, the Eyebrow Trim is the ideal treatment.


In just 15 minutes we will thread, wax and tweeze your eyebrows into a flattering style specific to your face shape. It’s amazing how a tidy set of brows can make you feel instantly more put together!



Eyebrow Tint - 15 minutes


Define and darken your brows for a more striking look without the need for makeup with an Eyebrow Tint treatment.


We use the highest quality dye in a range of different colours depending on your skin tone and desired results. The dye lasts up to 5 days on the skin and 3 weeks on your eyebrow hairs, so you can ditch the makeup and speed up your morning routine.



Eyebrow Trim & Tint - 30 minutes


Choose an Eyebrow Tint & Trim for the ultimate brow tidy up!


We will first tint your brows the correct shade depending on your skin tone and desired look, before removing unwanted hairs and shaping the brows through a combination of threading, waxing and tweezing.


The result is a perfectly defined brow that will contour your face and lift your eyes for an instantly younger look.



Henna Brows - 45 minutes


For a bold, striking look choose our Henna Brows treatment.


This incredibly popular 45 minute treatment consists of threading, waxing and tweezing your brows into a flattering style based on your face shape. Then, we apply a Henna tint which defines and darkens the brows, disguising any gaps your brows may have.


The Henna dye is darker and oftens more definition than regular tint, and lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the eyebrow hairs.


This treatment is ideal for clients with thin or sparse brows as it gives them an instant volume boost, or just those who prefer a darker, more defined brow.



Eye Trio - 35 minutes


The best things come in threes, and that’s certainly the case for our Eye Trio treatment.


With an eyebrow trim, tint and eyelash tint, you’ll leave the salon feeling more beautiful than ever with new brows and lashes you can’t wait to show off!


This treatment will add definition and style to both your brows and your lashes, lifting your face and making you look instantly younger.


Ideal before going on holiday so you can keep your beauty routine low maintenance!


Brow Lamination - 60 minutes


If your brows are sparse and thin and you want to achieve that gorgeous fluffy brow look, then you’ll love our Brow Lamination treatment.


In this 60 minute treatment, we brush and set your brows upwards into a flattering shape, to cover any gaps and achieve that fluffy look, along with applying a tint for extra definition.


This treatment lasts for up to 6 weeks before clients will need to book in for another appointment.




Enhance your natural beauty with a professional lash treatment at our beauty salon in Trim. We have lots of happy lash customers who trust us to make their lashes look as beautiful as possible - check out our Gallery for our amazing before & after photos.



Eyelash Tint - 20 minutes


Darken and define the lashes with a bespoke Eyelash Tint treatment. Choose whether you go for a softer more natural look with a brown colour, or a more bold and striking blue-black.


In this painless 20 minute treatment our expert lash technician will apply a high quality tint to both your upper and lower lashes, so you can ditch the mascara and speed up your beauty routine!


The tint lasts for up to 3 weeks, but this may be shorter or longer depending on the regrowth cycle of your eyelashes. This treatment is ideal for going on holiday so you don’t have to worry about mascara running in the heat and humidity!




Lash Lift / Filler - 1 hour 10 minutes


Sick of thin, sparse lashes? Wish you could boost the look of your lashes without committing to regular eyelash extensions? Then the Lash Lift / Filler treatment is ideal for you!


This treatment is perfect for clients with fair or straight lashes, or simply those who want to add more definition without having to use mascara everyday, and it causes no damage to your lashes.


During this 70 minute treatment, our lash technician will apply a filler serum to give your lashes an instant nutrition boost, leaving them looking fuller and healthier. A lash lift opens up your eyes and adds curl to your natural lashes, whilst the tint adds definition.

This treatment results in up to 24% thicker lashes naturally after just 3 sessions, and clients can expect the results of this popular treatment to be seen for up to 5 weeks.


Please note: all treatments require a patch test 48 hours before your appointment.


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