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If you’re looking for lash extensions in Trim, you’ve come to the right place!


At our friendly and professional salon we offer a selection of different lash extensions depending on your preferences, from subtle and stylish Classic lashes, through to dramatic and eye-catching Volume lashes.


Our highly trained lash artist Sarah takes pride in her work and every set of lashes she creates is bespoke to that particular client, tailoring the length and thickness of each lash according to the client’s eye shape, lifestyle and preferences, to ensure a gorgeous result every time.


Professionally trained by lash experts Nouveau Lash, Sarah has been transforming her client’s lashes since 2018.


Whichever style of lash you choose, you can be sure of a relaxing treatment - many of our clients even take lash naps whilst we’re creating a beautiful set of lashes for them!


No matter which style of lashes you decide to go for, you can rest assured that your own natural lashes will not be damaged in any way by the lash extensions, as long as proper aftercare instructions are followed and they are removed by a professional.


Lash extensions last for around 4 weeks, depending on your lifestyle, at which point you will need to book in for a top-up appointment. This will ensure your lashes stay looking gorgeous!


 A patch test isn’t necessary for lash extensions, but if you’d like to complete one then you’re more than welcome to - simply contact the salon to arrange this at least 48 hours before your appointment time.


If you have any questions about the lash extensions we offer, or you’d like to book your appointment, simply get in touch with our team.


Classic Lashes


If you’re looking for natural looking lash extensions for everyday wear then Classics are the perfect style for you.


With 1 extension applied to 1 natural lash, Classic lashes are ideal if you want to ditch the mascara and enjoy gorgeous looking lashes 24/7.


Classic lashes take between 75 - 90 minutes to apply, and you can expect them to stay looking great for about 4 weeks before you need infills.





Volume Lashes


If you prefer a fuller, more dramatic style, then you will love Volume lashes!


Volume lashes are incredibly popular and use a lash that is thinner and lighter in weight than the classic lash, so that more than 1 extension can be applied to each of your own lashes.


By creating fans of lashes a much more fluffy, voluminous appearance can be achieved. This style is great for clients who want a more dramatic, glamorous looking set of lashes.


This technique requires around 2 hours and you will need infills in around 4 weeks time.



Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are quite literally a mix of both the Classic and Volume styles, and this technique has become hugely popular in recent years, with celebrity fans such as Kim Kardashian!

Hybrids combine the length of Classic lashes with the voluminous appearance of Volume lashes, for a thick, long, fluffy look.

You can expect Hybrid lashes to take between 90 - 120 minutes to apply, and they will last around 4 weeks before you will require an infill appointment.


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